Terms & Conditions

Rates (U.S. Funds)

Our rates are based on minimum of 4 guests, for Friday-to-Friday 7 day trips.

We will try our best to accommodate special requests on an individual basis (e.g.  Out of the ordinary departure and/or arrival times etc.) – please inquire with your requests.


Guaranteed accommodations of 20 or more guests must be done on a 7 day basis in July, August, and September. WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY CREDIT CARDS. Payment should be made with cash or Cheques. Applicable taxes – 13% – are not included in the listed rates.

Family Plan:

10% Off of our regular rates for immediate family of 4 or more after JULY 1st. (Father, Mother, Son, Daughter and Grandchildren) or $150.00 off for children 16 and under. One discount applicable only. Those receiving children’s discount have a weight allowance of 100 lbs.


A deposit of $300.00 per person is required. Deposits are not refundable, and must be received within 30 days of initial booking.

What We Will Provide

  • 24 hr. direct satellite phones (anywhere in the world). Cost is $4.00 U.S. per minute for non-emergency use.
  • Each cabin has outside propane bbqs and deep fryers – at Mamakwash there is an enclosed bbq shack so you can cook the perfect dinner in any weather.
  • Fridges, freezers, stoves and lights are propane at Pedlar & Nungesser Lakes.
  • The camp on Mamakwash Lake has a caretaker, propane and generator power as well as free ice.
  • We supply 14 ft Lund boats with swivel seats equipped with 20, 15 & 9.9 Honda motors, fishing nets and approved life vests and minnow buckets. Limited number of 16 ft. Lund’s available at Mamakwash Camp
  • Spare motors and all the fuel you will require.
  • Assistance with ordering your bait, beverages, groceries, and/or bait in advance for a fee.
  • 15 H.P. at Berens River (Mamakwash), 20 H.P. at Nungesser, and 9.9 H.P. at Pedlar, Honda motors.


Commercial flights come into Red Lake daily (contact Red Lake Travel @ 1-800-465-3305 for arrangements from anywhere in the continental U.S.A. to our Red Lake base).

What You Will Provide

  • Freezer bags, garbage bags, sleeping bags including pillow cases, bath towels, dish towels, paper towels, toilet paper, coolers, food & beverages, fishing gear, camera & clothes.
  • Please be punctual as we try to meet our advertised schedule weather-permitting.
  • Please phone if you are not able to meet your check in time.
  • Clean cabins and boats for the next guests are a must. Please be in early (5:00 pm) at Beren’s River (Mamakwash) on the night before departure, in order for the Camp Manager to test motors for the next groups. The pilots will inspect the cabins and boats before departing from outposts.
  • Any damages incurred to our boats and motors in your care will be billed to you accordingly. Please take care of our equipment.
  • Weight allowed is 150lbs per guest. Excess weight will be billed out at $1.50 per pound. Please pack accordingly. When packing, please be conscious of the limited packing space on our aircrafts. Avoid bulky containers, large coolers, etc. Regardless of weight, if another flight is required to charter your bulky gear, that will be your expense to pay.